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History & Specialization

XRC services group provides and unburdens organizations with it's IT and Communication products and services. XRC's initial portfolio focussed on the retail industry. Since 2012 XRC's portfolio is marketed using industry-specific packages and primarily sold through certified partners.

ICT services



Internet connections such as fiber, DSL, ADSL, VDSL, ISDN and coax optionally combined with routers, access points (AP), WiFi solutions and other network devices and equipment.


Payment equipment and services such as cash registers, cash points, creditcard equipment and network services.


Traditional telephony services such as analog and ISDN as well as mobile communication and VoIP (Voice over IP). Together with software and hardware equipment such as PBX and Unified Communications.


Security products and services encompassing security cameras, alarm over IP and detection equipment. All managed from a certified centralized control room.


Multimedia services such as digital signage, background music and fragrance merketing.

Cloud services


Web development

The development of web based media such as websites and web applications (SBCLT).


The hosting of websites, web applications, storage and databases.

Cloud workspaces

A complete virtualized workspace environment composed of Windows, Office and Exchange accessible in the cloud.


An intranet+ solution for optimal social collaboration and communication within an organization.

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